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    Last Minute DIY Gifts You Can Actually Make TODAY

    Last Minute DIY Gifts You Can Actually Make TODAY

    I know. Every year you tell yourself that you will not wait until the last minute to get gifts. It's okay. We do it too.

    If you're even more like us, you would also agree that it's so much more meaningful to make a gift yourself instead of buying one.

    But making stuff takes so much time!!!

    It doesn't have to! If you're on a tight schedule, sometimes making a gift yourself will actually save you time. No running around from store to store or waiting for stuff to ship out in time. No, this is all on you, on your schedule.

    We've carefully put together a short list of creative and useful DIY projects that make perfect gifts. The best part? You. Can. Actually. Make. These. TODAY. You may need to run to the hardware store for a couple of supplies, but trust me, it'll be worth it. Not only will you end up with an awesome gift that will make your family gasp, "you made that?!", but I guarantee you'll have a lot of fun making these and you'll even learn a few new skills in the process.

    So what are you waiting for?

    9 DIY gifts that you can actually make yourself


    9 DIY gifts that you can actually make yourself

    1. Holiday Coffee Sleeves by Better Homes

    2. Hot Chocolate Ornaments by DIY Magazine

    3. Sugar Scrub Recipe by Julie Blanner

    4. DIY Bath Bombs by Inspired By Charm

    5. DIY Finger Knit Rope Trivet by Flax and Twine

    6. DIY Room Spray by Design Love Fest

    7. 5-Minute DIY Lip Balm by The Seasoned Mom

    8. Candles Made in Baby Food Jars by Boxwood Clippings

    9. DIY Cord Organizer Tacos by Local Adventurer

    Not convinced you can handle these? (C'mon, we believe in you!) Head over to our Pinterest page to see even more creative gifts you can make (or just buy... it's fine, we won't tell).


    Thanksgiving Decorations That You Can Make Yourself

    Thanksgiving Decorations That You Can Make Yourself

    Easy DIY Thanksgiving Decorations by Orchard Street Apparel

    It's that time of year when as soon as one holiday gets wrapped up we're instantly prepping for the next. With Halloween already under our belts, our efforts turn to focus on planning for the most important meal of the year: Thanksgiving. Obviously the food (and the wine) is the shining star of this holiday, however, why not step up your game and truly impress your guests this year with a fabulous table display.

    We've carefully curated this collection of simple, elegant and easy Thanksgiving decorations that you can create yourself.

    Read more